Ceiling Types

Types of Ceilings in Johannesburg and Pretoria

The type of ceiling that you choose depends on your particular space as well as your design intent. do you need it to be elaborate and eye-catching? Or does it need to go beyond basic aesthetics and have superior performance aspects?

Ceiling style counts for a lot when it comes to a sense of spaciousness, d├ęcor decisions, and even the resale value of a home. But different ceiling types are best suited to the specific height of a room and the architectural style of the house.

In a well-decorated home, nothing is overlooked, not even the ceilings. Their height, shape, style, and color can affect the overall mood of the space. Ceiling designs have evolved over the years, and these are some of the most common ceiling types.

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Ceiling Types in Johannesburg and Pretoria
knotty pine ceiling types

Knotty Pine Ceiling

rhino board ceiling types

RhinoBoard Ceiling

suspended ceiling types

Suspended Ceiling


PVC Ceiling

isoboard ceiling types

Isoboard Ceiling

nutec ceiling types

Nutec Ceiling


Ceiling Installation

Professional Ceiling Installers Johannesburg

Professional Ceiling Installation and drywall partitioning is a crucial service when you are building a new residential home, or when your ceiling has deteriorated and needs to be repaired or replaced. Ceilings are not surprisingly an essential however frequently bypassed element of a space

Benefits Of Ceiling Types

Now days, people are well aware of the importance of a ceiling in a complete look and feel of the space.
  • Create an interesting space above windows
  • Can hide drapery and curtain hardware
  • Enhance fabrics and patterns
  • Enhance window shape
  • By extending the cornice upwards it enhances the size of the window
  • Multiple edgings and profiles allow for unique and decorative designers

How to Decide Between New Ceilings Products

Whether you're on a budget or the sky's the limit, the buying process for different types of ceilings in Johannesburg can be overwhelming. There are a ton of options on the market, so don't get bogged down with all the choices.
Why should I hire a professional contractor?

It means that a job is done right, and it also helps prevent injuries and property damage. A professional contractor has a team of qualified individuals that can help as needed, as well as all of the necessary tools and equipment.

What should I do to prepare my house for new ceilings?

Move anything you don’t want to get damaged away from the new ceiling installation. Thats best practice when installing new ceilings types in Johannesburg.

How much will it cost?

The price of a new ceiling will depend on the type of ceiling you are installing. There re many different options to choose from when renovating.

How long does a job take?

This will depend on the product chosen and the m2 needed to be installed.

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